CASE STUDY: IGC Brand Services

Naledi Collection

IGC Case Study

Challenge Accepted.

In 2010 IGC Brand Services faced unprecedented public perception and sales challenges, and made the decision to face those challenges head-on by refocusing their business on bridal sales, their strongest source of revenue. To this end they developed a new line of bridal jewelry, specifically targeted at a Millennial core audience, and approached Cultivate Studios to develop a new brand name, position, and retail tools to accelerate sales of the new line.

Greatness Achieved.

Between 2010 and 2015 IGC Brand Services bridal sales grew by 250%, compared to only 37% growth for the US jewelry industry overall.

By 2014 80% of new retail customers were deploying the Smart Kiosk to drive deeper in-store engagement with prospective buyers.


The 2006 release of the movie “Blood Diamond” helped accelerate a rise in social awareness around diamonds being mined in Africa and sold to finance war efforts there. This, in turn, attached very negative connotations to the brand name “Southern African Diamonds”. Furthermore, 2007 marked the beginning of a financial recession that severely restricted luxury spending, dramatically affecting IGC Brand Services’ core audience.


Original Name:

Southern African Diamonds

New Name:

Naledi Collection

Original Position:

The World’s Most Celebrated Diamonds

New Position:

IGC Brand Services is dedicated to providing a simply beautiful jewelry buying experience.

Original Message:

Create Your Own Legend

New Message:

Simply Beautiful.

New Name:

Naledi Collection

New Position:

IGC Brand Services is dedicated to providing a simply beautiful jewelry buying experience.

New Message:

Simply Beautiful.

Visual Identity.

Original Logo: Colonial and dated

IGC Case Study - Original Logo

New Logo: Upscale and contemporary

IGC Case Study - New Logo


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Customer Experience Design.

IGC Case Study - Naledi iOS Apps
iPhone and iPad Apps: Immersive, intuitive, engaging

IGC Case Study - Naledi Website website: Connecting prospective buyers directly with retailers

IGC Case Study - Naledi Smart Kiosk

Smart Kiosk: Low pressure, highly targeted in-store engagement

IGC Case Study - Social Media Engagement 1
IGC Case Study - Social Media Engagement 2

Social Media Marketing: Driving deeper engagement between prospective buyers and retailers

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