Challenge Accepted.

Rapid expansion of Ozinga’s core business led to a need to hire at least 140 highly qualified Class A CDL drivers between April and June of 2015. Growth in the construction industry overall left few qualified drivers available to hire, and union restrictions prevented Ozinga from offering better pay or benefits. The challenge was to convince 140 drivers to leave their current jobs to come work for Ozinga for the same pay and benefits.

Greatness Achieved.

Ozinga received higher quality applications than in previous years and was able to hire 182 drivers, hit their 140 driver target ahead of schedule, and cut their driver churn rate in half, resulting in significant savings in training costs and overhead.


The financial recession of the late 2000s and early 2010s drove many experienced drivers to seek alternative employment, and retirement threatens to decimate the number of available drivers over the next decade. Moreover, social stigma and financial uncertainty is preventing many Generation Xers and Millenials from becoming drivers. It is important to Ozinga to design campaigns that not only recruit drivers to Ozinga, but treat tradesmen with the dignity that Ozinga feels they deserve and draw new workers into the trades.



Advocate for the American Worker.

Campaign Message:

Born to Build.

Supporting Message:

Let’s build our families, our communities, and our country.

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Let’s build because it’s who we are.


Training and acclimation is important for lowering turnover.

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Just about everyone suffered during the “Great Recession”, but no one was quite as hard hit as those in the construction…

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